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Tea and coffee mugs

For this MUG STORY, first we need a shout out to Becky Gill, as me owning these mugs is down to her.

Becky was my best friend at the University of Warwick and we met before term even started. We both did Maths, both were part of the Christian Union, shared lots of friends and ended up sharing a house in our second year.

We all have our loveable quirks and sharing a house helps you get to see them. One of Becky's was that she had different mugs for tea and for coffee and was clear that they should never be used for the wrong drink! So I bought mugs that made it easy for me - four with TEA on and two with COFFEE.

I still own them 27 years later, although the coffee ones only get used for visitors these days as I no longer drink coffee unless it's a Latte from a coffee shop (probably with some kind of flavoured syrup, so barely coffee really). Also, these mugs are just TOO SMALL for the amount of tea I drink, which is why there are two of them in this photo.

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