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Our Partners

Working Together

When we find great local companies who can support our clients then we like to share this with them - and with other small businesses in Bucks.

If you contact any of these suppliers to explore their services, then please do mention HR by Tara!

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CB Talent Consulting

Recruiting new people for your team, in the current labour market, is a challenge. Your business needs to stand out and market itself as a good employer, with a great candidate experience.
Colin Barnett works with business owners, providing pragmatic advice and solutions to help them attract, engage, hire and retain the talent they need to achieve their business goals. He can help and advise on your employer brand, candidate attraction, recruitment advert copy, careers content on your website or social media, and ensuring you provide a great candidate experience right through onboarding and into employment.

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Oxford IT Solutions

We run HR by Tara on Google Workspace, using Chromebooks from Oxford IT Solutions - who provided great advice, customer service and support.
Speak to Rob Williams for information about how they can help


Bob's Business

Information security, privacy, data protection and cyber security are topics we all need to keep up to date on. As an employer, you need a way to train your people so that doing the right things becomes part of your culture. Bob's Compliance is an elearning platform that's great for supporting that. We even use it ourselves within HR by Tara

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Invenio Training - First Aid at Work

As an employer, you need to assess the risks in your work environment and determine what level of first aid provision you should provide. Invenio Training is a great provider of training for workplace first aiders.
Contact Bruce Petty for information about what they can do to help.


Bucks Fire Safety Training

If you operate your business from premises, then you'll need a fire risk assessment in place for that building. Bucks Fire Safety Training provide great training for your Fire Wardens so they can help to prevent and respond to fire.
Contact Maria White for information about what they can do to help.

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