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Wallace and Gromit mug

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

I'm not sure where this mug actually came from (perhaps Martin Hopkins remembers), but for a long time now our household has been very fond of all things Wallace and Gromit, as well as having a love for cheese (mainly Martin) and a keenness for anything sheep-related (mainly me).

I was on a course yesterday where the drinking of tea came up a lot as a topic of discussion. We were talking about having quality conversations and that sometimes a difficult topic is best discussed with a beverage in hand - it seems to create a different atmosphere to the conversation.

Also, as many people go back to working in communal areas, will the tea run become important again as a way of bringing people together, whatever they choose to drink and however they take it (anyone remember my laminated tray sheet with everyone's preferences on, so I could get it right....?)

So, does tea (my personal beverage of choice!) make teamwork better? If Wallace and Gromit think so, then it must be true ☕ 🧀 🐑 😁 🐕

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