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My name is Tara Hopkins

Making a positive difference to people’s working lives whilst helping achieve business results - that’s why I work in HR. I believe that happy, successful people working together can deliver amazing things.

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Let me tell you more about myself

I'm an experienced HR professional who lives in Princes Risborough, Bucks. I'm passionate about helping local small businesses to survive and thrive through providing easy access to good HR support, perhaps even before they think their business is large enough to need it. This could be a few hours each month or on an ad hoc basis - I'll still get to know you and your business well, to make sure whatever I do for you makes a positive difference.

My HR story so far…

I started my career as a HR Administrator in a retail business and learned quickly that it's absolutely fundamental to get the basics right every time when you're managing someone's employment. I then did the traditional thing of moving on to HR Officer and HR Manager roles and taking on more responsibility for advising line managers throughout each business I worked for - a family owned manufacturing company, an outsourced services company with sites all over the UK, and a small UK division of an American-owned, global corporation.

I decided that corporate HR wasn't really me, and that I enjoyed being involved at the heart of the business and its decisions. So, I focused on Head of HR  roles for smaller businesses, where I can stay connected to all the staff as individuals and make a difference to people one by one, as well as through well conceived and well delivered HR practices.

I led HR for a local financial services technology business for 11 years and am so proud of what we achieved together. At the end of 2020, I took some time out to explore what the next phase of my career looked like.

I decided to set up HR by Tara to work  closely with business owners who want to be good employers. "Happy, successful people" is my motto. I want you to be happy and successful as a business owner, and to achieve that through you having a team of happy, successful people working for you.

I set up the business in March 2021, and in February 2022 I took on my first employee. As at Februart 2024, we're a team of eight - Alison, Stacy, Vicky, Zach, Hanna, Mia and Harry. Click on the button at the bottom to find out more.

On a more personal note, I love drinking tea and reading "cozy" murder mysteries. I also love solving puzzles and playing online adventure games. I've designed my own escape room during lockdown and am keen to try it out as a fun teambuilding exercise once locking groups of people together in a room becomes possible again.

For more about my background see my LinkedIn profile.

Business Buzz

I also host Business Buzz High Wycombe networking, a face-face session to catch up with the local business community in Buckinghamshire with no membership, no pre-booking required!

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