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Square, flowery mug

This is another of my loyal mugs that get used at least once per week. It was given to me by an important person in my career so far - the delightful Melanie Symes, who hired me to join Henley Management College, before it became Henley Business School.

I learned such a lot from Mel, as a HR professional and as a person, and I think of her often when I use the mug.

I think about the "human" part of HR and the art of really listening to people. I think about her nudges to help me move beyond the "black and white" thinking patterns and policy/rules that featured in my early career. I remember laughing with her about my experience of moving from the College to the University of Reading - going from being seen as a bit of a stickler for process, to being seen as a bit of a maverick, without changing my own behaviour. It's amazing how culture impacts perception!

So this mug represents a key part of my journey to who I am at work and I still love using it.

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