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My favourite mug

The mug in the picture for my first book report is one I used for many years at the office when I worked for Defaqto. Anyone who knows me from there will remember that I rarely attend a meeting without a mug of tea in my hand and that the Defaqto mugs just weren't big enough for me - I've been known to bring two mugs of tea to a meeting,

I started off with a large mug, bought for me by previous colleagues (I believe), but unfortunately this was broken when George (our lovely, hardworking office cleaner) fell down the stairs carrying a tray of mugs. I was so concerned for him when I heard, but he just wanted to come and apologise for breaking my "special mug".

So the hunt was on for a new one. I went to Amazon for speedy delivery and purchased this one on 22 Feb 2015 (they can tell you everything you've ever purchased!). There were SO many options, even for a 500ml mug.

I settled on this one because of the name of the design. It's part of the "Caravan Trail" range when they did mug designs named after towns in Cornwall. I therefore chose "Penryn" - the town I lived in for 4 years before I went to university. Happy times!

It's lasted well, being used at least 5 times a day when I was in the office and in the dishwasher every night.

A loyal, reliable, comforting mug.

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