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Our pricing

We work with clients in a few different ways, focused on being adaptable to meet your needs. We aim to be affordable for most micro/small businesses, whilst recognising the time and expertise required to deliver high quality services to our clients

If you employ people, there will be employment administration tasks that need to be completed and you may prefer to have someone else handle those for you. Also, people issues will arise from time to time that you may need support with and would benefit from advice about

Pay As You Go

With this fully flexible option, you can call or email us whenever you need support and only have to pay for the time we spend supporting you.

Pre-Purchased Hours

Alternatively, you can purchase time in advance (for a slightly reduced rate) and then use the hours up at any time over the next 12 months

HR Advice Retainer

We also offer fixed fee retainer agreements that cover all the conversations you may want to have with us by phone or email, on topics such as recruitment and selection, offers, changing contractual terms, leavers, holiday, family leave, sickness absence, grievances, issues such as misconduct, poor performance, ill health, redundancy, and much more.
With this option, almost all advice is covered by the monthly fee, and you just pay for any admin support or projects we do for you.
The monthly fee is based on the size of your business, with our "Starting Out" plan as low as £60 per month.
You sign up to an annual agreement with us, but can end it with just 2 months notice, or switch to a PAYG arrangement instead.

Employment Essentials Retainer

This is our most comprehensive option, where all employment administration (including liaising with whoever does your payroll) is included within the monthly fee. The only additional costs are for any projects we undertake for you - including some recruitment and selection services or fully managing a formal employment process for you (like a disciplinary procedure).
Again, the monthly fee is based on the size of your business, starting from £122 per month for up to 6 staff.
Again, you sign up to an annual agreement with us, but can end it with just 2 months notice, or switch to a PAYG arrangement instead,

Some of our packages

Becoming an Employer - £595​

This package is perfect for business owners who are looking to hire people for the first time. At every stage in the process, we'll explain to you, in simple language, what your legal obligations are as an employer and provide you with documentation and processes to help you stay compliant. We'll draft a contract of employment, create an employee on-boarding process (so you can obtain all the information you need for employment and payroll) and develop a Team Handbook, plus relevant policies (where needed).​

We can also discuss with you how you're going to set up payroll, pensions, employment records, health & safety and other compliance records.

Helping you Hire - from £275 to £3,000 per vacancy

When you’re a small business, hiring someone new for your team is a big deal. You need to get it right. We offer a pick and mix approach to our services that help you hire well, so that you can choose what to do yourself and what to ask us to do for you. It also means that you only pay for what you need. Our Helping you Hire package can include any of the following:

Creating a Job Profile for the role Writing a recruitment advert and recommending advertising options Recommending screening questions Creating a Company Profile on Indeed (and/or elsewhere) Setting up the advert on Indeed (and/or elsewhere) Promoting the vacancy through our own social media channels Contacting local schools / colleges / universities (if appropriate) Identifying a suitable recruitment agency to use and briefing them on your vacancy (if appropriate) Setting up an application site and database for applicant tracking Acknowledging all applications, following up on missing information and screening out obviously unsuitable candidates Communicating with all candidates throughout the process who are not progressed to the next stage Reviewing applications and conducting basic telephone interviews (15mins) to produce a scored list of candidates, for you to shortlist from Reviewing applications and conducting video call interviews (30-45mins) to produce a shortlist for in-person interviews, together with candidate summaries Scheduling interviews for you to meet with the candidates - communicating with candidates before and after Working with you to develop an appropriate interview format and questions and/or selection exercises to assess the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for the role Issuing and interpreting DiSC personality profiles for candidates, sharing profiles with you and using them to plan appropriate interview questions Interviewing candidates with you Discussing interviewees with you and helping you make your selection decision Supporting you to make the offer and negotiate on any terms Issuing the written offer, completing full onboarding process and maintaining contact between offer and start date

Prices start from £275 (for writing an advert and recommending options) up to £3,000 (for our fully managed recruitment and selection service).

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