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This half-day workshop is designed to help business owners to understand their key responsibilities as an employer, protect themselves and their business from employment-related risks, and manage their people effectively to achieve business success.

This introduction to the essentials of employing people will help you understand what you know and what you don’t know, and what you might need further support with.

It’s suitable for business owners ready to take on their first employee or someone who’s been an employer for a while but wants to refresh or update their knowledge.

In 4 hours, we’ll cover the basics of:

  • What makes you an employer?

  • Contracts of employment and statements of terms and conditions

  • Rules about working time

  • Pay, payslips and deductions

  • Pensions

  • Paid holiday

  • Absence due to illness or injury

  • Family related leave

  • Equality law

  • Setting expectations and dealing with problems informally

  • Dealing with problems formally - disciplinary, capability and grievance procedures

  • Ending employment

  • Employee privacy and data protection

  • Health, safety and wellbeing

This will be a whistle-stop tour of all the basics, in plain English, with the opportunity to ask questions to make the content relevant to you and your business.

Employment Essentials, made Easy

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