Developing capable and confident  managers

I believe line managers WANT to be great at their jobs, but often they need extra support to truly excel.

"Employment law essentials for managers" - a half day workshop for business owners, directors and managers - next course Wed 14 Sep 2022

This course helps you to understand the main legislation around being an employer, so you can stay out of hot water and feel reassured you're doing things right.

Advising managers

Talking through specific people situations and helping people managers identify and evaluate ways to move forward.
Helping people managers to learn and build confidence from their experiences of managing situations.

Training managers

Tailoring and delivering training for line managers on a wide range of topics, including:

  • recruitment and selection

  • interviewing skills

  • inspiring your team

  • setting objectives and targets

  • holding one-to-one meetings

  • giving feedback

  • supporting learning and development

  • coaching skills for line managers

  • problem solving and decision making

  • time management and personal productivity

  • ways to manage team productivity

  • project management

  • running meetings​ and committees

  • leadership skills

  • constructive conflict management

  • dealing with poor performance, disciplinary issues, complaints / grievances, absence issues and redundancies

  • all aspects of employment law for line managers

Feedback and coaching

Gathering feedback for a people manager and/or observing them at work then providing constructive feedback and coaching to help them become even better as a manager

Whatever you need some help with, however small or big, get in touch and let's talk.