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Work Experience

Throughout the year we offer work experience to students helping them to discover what it is like to work for a small business.


Harry & Dan

Year 12 - John Colet School

During my work experience I wanted to find out what it was like to work in an office environment as I never have before. Throughout the week, I not only learnt what it was like, but I learnt so much more. This includes how companies can use different software for organisation and communication, how to use Wix to develop a website, how to layout and create a piece of promotional material and how HR by Tara goes through the process of finding and onboarding clients as well as producing social media posts and advertising the company. I was able to create flyers/posts, edit the website, learn how to use certain software, find local companies for HR services and analyse data from a database.
- Harry

During my work experience time at HR by Tara, I have gained valuable experience and skills while working with a lovely group of people. I have learned many skills in different software applications and what the Day-to-Day experience is like in the world of HR. Applications Such as Xero have taught me how to create Bills and reconcile them and to send Invoices to Clients. Signable has shown me how to send and sign agreements and schedules. Endole was beneficial for research into other companies to send for the Drop-In Day. Finally, Seatable allowed me to create my own research table and help with my skills with Spreadsheets. Overall my time here has significantly improved and enhanced my general knowledge, software and financial skills which has helped me in making future career decisions thanks to the wonderful guidance of the team at HR byTara.  
- Dan

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