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Is it time for an EMPLOYER CHECK UP?

You get:

  • an hour of my time to chat about your business and what you do as an employer

  • a basic review of your employment documents

  • an easy to read, informative report

    • reassurance of what you're doing right

    • assessment of issues and risks

    • signposts for what to do next

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What's included ?

More information about what you get in your employer health check

As a business owner, when you become an employer there are lots of things to think about.

These include registering with HMRC and the ICO, setting up employer's liability insurance, setting up a payroll. You also need to have documentation for your employees and their terms and conditions, and there are lots of regulations to comply with.

Why should you be an expert in all this?   Instead, let me use my 25 years of experience to make it easier for you.

I'll chat through your business with you, so I understand what you do, who you employ and how you tend to do things. I'll also look at what documents you have in place:

  • contracts of employment and terms & conditions

  • policies on holiday, sickness absence and family leave

  • policies on dealing with issues

  • policies on privacy and data protection

  • compliance with national minimum wage, working time regulations, right to work checks, pension rules, equality legislation, etc.

(and don't worry, a policy only needs to be a short explanation of how you approach things - I don't believe in long- winded documents!)

I'll then deliver you a report that highlights all the areas where you're doing what you need to, identifies any risks or potential gaps in what you're doing, and makes suggestions for what you could do next.

There's no obligation to use my services further, but if you find you like my approach then obviously I'd be happy to help you make changes if you want. We can discuss your needs and I can produce a tailored proposal for you, for just what you actually need.

And at the moment you get the discussion, document review and report for just £225.

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